Monday, August 30, 2010

Clipping Path India shows off excellent Image Masking Service

Forest Gate, London – Clipping Path India (CPI), an international offshore graphic design company, is offering high quality Photoshop Image Masking Service at a very affordable cost.
Clipping Path India, a leader in Image Masking Service, presents a great load of benefits and advantages to its clients. “At Clipping Path India, customers have the power to choose among options that would satisfy their needs,” says Sumon, Clipping Path India’s representative.
With state-of-the-art facilities, highly skilled graphic designers and efficient production staff, image masking service is just a click away. The company is also proud to provide other services such as clipping path, drop shadow, raster to vector image, photo enhancement, retouching, and other image manipulation services.
”Masking is performed to an image that has object like hair where clipping path can't be applied. We have many specialists working on these things everyday and we use the very latest Photoshop techniques to get the best possible result.”
“We are using the most modern equipments and techniques to pull off brilliant results in Photoshop masking,” adds Summon. The expertise of Clipping Path India’s men through training and experience are very important elements in the provision of their high standard services at reasonable costs. Also, it should be noted that Clipping Path India’s image treatment rate is as low as $0.39 USD.
Clients have a great advantage when it comes to the lay out of their photos because Clipping Path India is always up to “job satisfaction first before payment.” Also, they are offering free trials so that customers have the power to judge image quality before anything else.
Excellent Photoshop Image Masking Service can now be enjoyed. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Clipping Path India recently launched New Product Services

One of the ways through which you can know a company that is making more progress in its area of specialization is how high the demand of their product is. This is determined to a certain extent by the number of new products it introduces within the shortest time interval. This is the case with Clipping path India. Clipping Path India is an offshore outsourcing company that offers varieties of services such as clipping path, Photoshop masking, image manipulation, Photoshop retouching, image retouching, image editing, photo enhancement, image stitching, drop shadow, raster to vector image and cropping, resizing and re-arranging. In its aspiration to be the leading company that offers the best of all photo treatment services, clipping path India has continued to introduce new products.
Clipping path India since its inception has introduced a number of new services in the area of photo treatment service. Just recently, Clipping path India announces the introduction of new product services. This is as a result high demand of their photo treatment services by their clients. Most of their clients has continued to appreciate their services and are requesting for more photo treatment related services.
The new product service was introduced in order to quench the increasing thirst of their costumer for more services. The new service is introduced with an eye on the latest technological invention of our time. Given the above the new product will add more beauty to the photo treatment services delivered by Clipping Path India

Contact Information :
UK Office:
18 Radlett Close
Forest Gate, London
E7 9JFUnited Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 794 3485 171

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clipping Path India starts Online Order Tracking

Clipping Path India is committed to promote better control of your image processing services and increase clients competence. Clipping Path India recently introduced Online Order Tracking that allows you the convenience of checking the status of your order, how the progress going on and the delivery time information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From your online account you can locate a specific order, view its. The Online Order Tracking of clipping path India is of high standard that will stand the update status of the clients clipping path or image processing service. Its clients worldwide have continued to express satisfaction with the new service. With the online tracking order you can have at a glance what Clipping Path India offers. When you make an order with an offshore outsourcing clipping path service providing company, then you might be worried about the status of your order, what progress is being made, the delivery time. At his situation, Clipping Path India is promised to inform you the current status for your order. It is exceptionally valuable for our customers when they can check the status of their order online at any time they want.
Chief Executive Mr. A. R. Sumon says “The Online Order Tracking helps our clients and suppliers keep track of their orders - increasing client satisfaction and their willingness to trade with us. It promotes better control of clients order and enhances our client effectiveness to us”
There are several benefits can be inserted using the Online Order Tracking from the Clipping Path India like:
  • better service - clients and suppliers can check the improvement of orders for themselves;
  • trust - offering clients' real-time online order tracking helps show you as an open and honest business, increasing client trust in you.
  • Just-in-time production/delivery - shared order status lets your customers and suppliers reduce lead times, achieve lean production, and minimize inventory - adding up to cost savings all round.
Online order tracking system of Clipping Path India provides the subscriber to know how the image is completed so far and what the deadline for each project is. It is a vibrant, fully automated system for client working in our production office, where one of your images ready, which updates immediately in the web site.
Client easily can track the order; for tracking you must first log in to the site of Clipping Path India. Once logged in, find a link "Track Order" in the menu at the top right. Immediately client will know the current status of their works.
Contact Information:
18 Radlett Close
Forest Gate, London
E7 9JF
United Kingdom

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clipping Path India recently redesigned their web site

In the internet business the importance of having a standard web site cannot be over emphasized. A quality web site is an asset to any company and it helps a company not only to attract more visitors but also to retain them. Given the above and to keep its flag flying higher Clipping Path India has revamped its web sites.

Clipping Path India is an outsourcing company that is based in India. It offers all types of Images processing services such as:
· Clipping Path
· Photoshop Masking
· Image Manipulation
· Photoshop retouching
· Image editing
· Photo enhancement
· Image stitching
· Drop shadow
· Raster to Vector Image
· Cropping, resizing, re-arranging
The new design of clipping path India web site is of high standard that will stand the test of time. Its clients worldwide have continued to express satisfaction with the new design. With the new design you can have at a glance what Clipping Path India offers.
The new design as many of their clients have observed has a number of features which the previous one did not have. These features make it more preferable to the former one.
With this new design the web site has rich content. Its visitors can easily get all the information they want. Each page of the web site contains enough relevant information that will help its visitor find what they are looking for. The content is written in every simple language. This makes it easy for many people to understand it. People of low academic status can now browse through it.
Another important aspect of the new design which Clipping Path India clients commended on was the home page of the web site. The home of the web site explains briefly and in every simple language all the services provided by Clipping Path India. Now you don’t need to browse through the all the pages before you can know what services Clipping Path India can offer you. The home page is designed in a unique manner to help those who cannot read to be able know what service Clipping Path India can offer them. With the aid of the pictures displayed on the homepage they will be able to see the proficiency of Clipping Path team of experts.
The brightness of the web site also delights Clipping Path India its clients. Comments made by most of their clients show that the brightness is of high standard. You don’t need to strain your eyes while browsing through the web site. With the new design the web site is self explanatory. You can transact business with Clipping Path India without difficulty or help.

Contact Information:
UK Office:
18 Radlett Close
Forest Gate, London
E7 9JF

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clipping Path India Announces Image Retouching Service Goes International

Forest Gate, London – Clipping Path India, a professional graphic design firm specializing in image retouching services , announced that it now operates and accepts image manipulation orders from international clients.
Basically, the clipping path tool is utilized to remove an image's background. "As it is quite expensive to hire DTP professional in expensive countries like Europe, America and so on, it is the best way to outsource this kind of service to a low labor cost country", says Clipping Path India representative Mr. A.R. Sumon.
The low cost of image retouching service offered by Clipping Path India makes this the perfect company to be used by photo industries from all over the world. "Taking the maximum advantage of low labor cost region, we are able to offer incredibly low cost services", states Sumon.
Clipping Path India has already provided its image retouching services and photo treatments to various clients, from printing press, photographers, advertising agencies, catalog companies, photographic studios, and graphic design and Web development companies. Now, the offshore company declares that it is now taking a whole new level of business experience for companies all over the globe.
Moreover, to further address the different time zones of each country worldwide, Clipping Path India offers a 24-hour working schedule, which is consist of 3 shifts that make it possible from clients coming from different parts of the world to receive the most efficient service there is. Mr. Sumon declares, "Our team is divided into 3-shift to operate 24 hours a day, so clients from anywhere in the world may feel like that they have an in house design studio right in their own office."
"In the present world, the demand of clipping path is very high and many more. And nowadays many people worldwide are already doing so. By outsourcing clipping path service, you could save your time" says Sumon.
New clients from all over the world may even judge the quality of work that Clipping Path India provides by making use of its free trial work. They could try uploading 2 photos so that they may decide if this offshore outsourcing company can be entrusted before they could officially place their order.
"If you are thinking to outsource your images at Clipping Path India, and are wandering to test our quality before finally placing an order, why not send us one or two of your images to have it done as for free trial?", offers Sumon.
"We offer no payment required before your job is finished so there is no risk from your side. You pay only when you receive the completed images and are happy with the quality".
Countless of clients worldwide have benefited from the efficiency and professionalism of Clipping Path India. Generally, not only does its 24-hour customer service and work schedule make it attractive to consumers from other countries, its low cost services, fast turnaround, satisfaction guarantee, free trial opportunity, triple check quality control, flexible and easy services, and a huge amount of photo processing capacity are all wonderful reasons why more and more global consumers take Clipping Path India's services.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clipping Path India Announces Cutting Back of Prices

Forest Gate, LondonClipping Path India, an offshore outsourcing company that specializes in clipping path, photo retouching, manipulation and editing services, announces that it is cutting back its rates and fees per image. The cheap services that the company now provides are accounted for the low labor cost in the country of India, where top-quality workers exist.
Clipping path refers to an outline or a closed vector path or shape created on an image with the use of a pen tool in popular image editing software, such as InDesign, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It is used within the photography industry, including catalog companies, advertising agencies, website design house, graphic designs and digital photographers.
The outsourcing of clipping path services to Clipping Path India, which is based in the United Kingdom with a production facility in India, provides a cheap technique of getting excellent photo edits. "Clipping Path India aims to serve clients worldwide utilizing the potential of the highly skilled graphic professionals of India at a very low price", explained Clipping Path India representative Mr. A.R. Sumon.
"Taking the maximum advantage of low labor cost region, we are able to offer incredibly low cost services. As it is quite expensive to hire DTP professional in the expensive countries like Europe, America and so on, it is the best way to outsource this kind of service to a low labor cost country."
Sumon shares, "The Clipping Path India offshore outsourcing company has a league of flexible experts, who make the most of the time difference countries from all over the world, and sends back the completed orders in high quality and in within the agreed timeframe."
Clipping Path India, which is a professional graphic design firm, stresses that its low cost services are provided only by Photoshop Masking and clipping path professionals. Depending on the number and the complexity of the images, Clipping Path India only promises efficient and time-bounded turnaround.
"At Clipping Path India, our price for clipping path service starts from only less than $.50 per image ", added Sumon.
Moreover, the company offers a 24 hour offshore service for clients all over the world. "At Clipping Path India, we provide all quotations within one hour, so our clients don't need to worry about getting a quote for their images, just request for a quote and get the price within one hour, and in many cases it may be 10 or 20 minutes only", explained Sumon.
"By outsourcing clipping path service, you could save your time. Clients can pay by via wire transfer, check, debit/credit card or PayPal."
Aside from clipping path services, Clipping Path India also offers other services, such as Raster to Vector Image, Image Stitching, Photo enhancement, Photoshop retouching, Image manipulation, Drop shadow and Photoshop masking.
Contact Information:
UK Office:
18 Radlett Close
Forest Gate, London
E7 9JFUnited Kingdom

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photo Masking and Raster to Vector in Photoshop services

Photo mask technique is used when you want to isolate part of an image of the rest. When you combine the isolated image with other images, the result is referred to as a composite. There are several techniques and tools for photo masking process, and that design professionals are ready and uses the latest programs designed for this production. Masking of the images can be a very laborious process, which can prevent their projects forward. This is probably one of the main reasons why you should give professionals manage and use their leisure activities more profitable. Experienced and well trained designers perform image masking photo retouching, taking into account their desired needs. The masking process takes time and depends heavily on the image and the area being masked.
Do not expect to be a photo masking process is completely mechanical. The minimum level of subjectivity inherent in this technique, and only experienced and skilled designer can make the right choice for the perfect result. Photo of masking can be achieved in a variety of ways, including the chain of higher contrast, the pencil tool or paint by hand. Every procedure has its peculiarities, and recommended a certain type of image. In addition, some images require a combination of such a procedure. Therefore, it is strongly advised to ask a team of specialists to help you, because they can certainly choose the best method for your pictures.
Photo Masking and Clipping path are widely used for pre-requisite tasks for creating many jobs in graphic production and design. The only problem is that too many appreciate this work. Fortunately, reliable and economic solution is now available online for all of you who need to use these techniques on your images.
Another service that these professionals raster to vector, referred to convert bitmap images into vector graphics. This process, known as victimization is very popular in photography and graphic design as well as CAD drawings. Raster to vector graphics is used to resize and best use, and generally no change in the aspect involved in this process. Raster to vector conversion used in the photographs, to change their appearance in a drawing or painting. One of the functions of the raster to vector conversion is that it can integrate a photograph into a geometric design.
You can use image masking services to enable interesting effects in an image by controlling certain parts of the image to be painted, colored or modified. Get masked complex images easily and seamlessly. Photos touchup can do to mask the image of a complex picture with great ease and perfection.
In other words, if they were printed copies of old photographs, logos, maps, drawings, patches, paint, badges, cartoons, etc., but you are no longer in possession of the original, you can scan or copy the image from print, is a specialized web site is loaded, and let the professionals to ensure the conversion of raster and vector.
A price for photo masking and bitmap to vector conversion is available. Note that this only refers to a number of masks by the image, usually three, but the images need more masks, you may have to pay a little more.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photo Editing: A Significant Role in Photoshop Service

Photo editing is an art that can do the impossible, but must be experienced, if you want quality results. In case of foreground extraction in a photo or image, for example, there is no dearth of photo editing techniques; however, to get it done might invite unwanted problems. Just take for example the case when objects or semi-transparent thin as the hair must be removed. This is when an expert quality photo retouching required. Before going to represent the colors for the extraction, you must remember to create a mask layer to leave the trip to catch in the foreground. If you aspire to draw a person with long hair in the foreground, it becomes difficult for the selection of hair plays an important role. Since hair is thin and transparent on all sides, it is difficult to identify and separate them in an organized manner.
Photo editing encompasses the processes of editing images, whether digital photographs, traditional analog photographs or illustrations, traditional editing analog image is known as photo retouching, using tools such as airbrush to modify photographs, illustrations or editing of any means of communication with traditional art, graphics software, which can be grouped into vector graphics editors, raster graphics editors, and 3D modelers, are the main tools the user can manipulate, enhance and transform images. Many photo editing programs are also used to make or create computer art from scratch.

One of the tools for image processing has an important role in Lasso. Popularly known as a magic wand, starts its journey from one to distinguish the object. However, we must not forget the path that determines the path. This is where the experience of questions. This is also used for extraction at the forefront of digital photo editing. This is true when you can not easily be used to select the method to do your job. Rather, what you need is a way to automatically select all the small pieces of the resulting image semi-transparent elections, leading to final acceptance of work.
One of the other works included in the category of image processing used in a color image to play the reverse contrast of color and automatically create a silhouette in shades of gray. They may also be used for purposes well covered. But there are other examples where you can write the effects are easily and without any hiccups. But the missions easier or more difficult to be more user friendly and can also be done by non-experts, while the difficulties are always subject to error if it occurs in the hands of experts not. Therefore, photo editing is not difficult, but the complexity makes it a little annoying especially as new to this area. That is why people are a little difficult to get the desired results. In the end, however, no shortage of companies that will be the disposal when it comes to editing large photos. But what you need to ensure is that the editing complex photo must be in the hands of experts. Only experts who make sure you get the best image, which can be mocked in the world.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clipping Path India Introduces Its 24-Hour Working Team

Forest Gate, London - Clipping Path India, an offshore outsourcing company that dedicates its very affordable services on clipping path, photo manipulation and Photoshop masking, introduces its working team of professionals who work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These experts are divided into 3 shifts for the company to keep on running 24 hours a day, allowing clients worldwide to rely on its competence.
Photo industries that rely on Clipping Path India's graphic services include catalog companies, advertising agencies, website design house, graphic designs and digital photographers, all of whom need the help of a clipping path tool to cut out a particular image from its background.
Furthermore, the clipping path tool can be used when setting up a layout design, editing a specific part within a photo or providing a unique shape for an image. It particularly enables the elimination of a portion of a photo that is outside the provided path. It is also handy in photos that have sharp edges.
"Clipping Path India provides a fast turnaround service for our clients", says Mr. A.R. Sumon, representative of Clipping Path India.
The company is comprised of a group of highly skilled DTP professionals who provide photo treatment services to digital photo industries from all over the world. The Clipping Path India is based in London, yet its production facility is located in India, which is the reason why its services are very cheap and time-bounded.
Aside from the 24-hour service of this online Indian outsourcing graphic design firm, its professional clipping path service is very cheap.
"Clipping Path India aims to serve clients in a global scale with the help of highly experienced graphic experts of India at a very low price. Our company only employs flexible experts, who make the most of the time difference of different countries worldwide and sends back completed orders in high quality and within the agreed timeframe."
What is more is Clipping Path India also provides potential consumers an opportunity to make use of the company's free trial opportunity of two photos. "If you are thinking to outsource your images at Clipping Path India, and are wandering to test our quality before finally placing an order, why not send us one or two of your images to have it done as for free trial?", offers Sumon.
"This free test will provide clients with much recovered user knowledge than much of what is accessible on today's graphic platforms at a tremendously competitive rate. In addition, our 24-hour working team may just impress them of how competent we really are".
On the whole, the Clipping Path India offshore outsourcing company provides other services aside from clipping path . It also offers Raster to Vector Image, Image Stitching, Photo enhancement, Photoshop retouching, Image manipulation, Drop shadow and Photoshop masking.