About us

Clipping Path India is an offshore outsourcing company which provides all kinds of clipping path and photo treatment services at a very low cost.It offers Clipping Path, Image Masking, Photoshop Retouching, Photo Editing, Image Shading, Creating Vector Image from Raster and other Image Manipulation works.

Clipping Path India is organized by a group of highly skilled and experienced DTP professionals.The work schedule of the team is 24/7- 365 days.And the working keep going without any interruption in three shift.

As we believe in quality here we offer 100% manual clipping path service with photoshop pen tool.Here we grantee 100% quality,no payment required before job finished,huge amount of image processing capacity and 1-24 Hrs Turnaround Delivery.We offer free trial so that clients can judge our work quality and efficiency.

We provide clipping path services for photographers, printing press, catalog companies, advertising agencies, photographic studios, web development and graphic design companies.