Friday, August 16, 2013

Crystal Clear Background Whitening to Remove Dull Scenes

The whole idea of having a pure white background is to remove dullness from the picture. It allows the contents of the frame to breathe. There are better ways to do background whitening.
Background whitening is done to revive dull scenes also. A keen eye will be able to decipher that white has many shades and grey is also one of them. Often photos will need to be brightened and a simple background whitewash can do the trick. Sometimes a white background is desirable as it gives a lot of breathing space to the elements in the picture. Such a canvas is ideal to display delicate jewelry products. Even a smart diamond solitaire can be made to look elegant with this photo processing. The white canvas works like a fabulous cut out and the main subject can be reused in another setting. When lots of ‘grey’ areas in the white backdrop appear they could be due to the sources of light around. The eyedropper tool is used to whiten the areas that look smudgy. Various levels are adjusted to get the right temperament to the frame. The eyedropper tool and the technique of background whitening cannot be used if the color scheme of the photo is light. Both work only if there are darker tones.