Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo Restoration Service - Bringing Back Old Sentiments to Life!

Old sepia toned pictures are no longer out of sight, out of mind. There are now dusted off the attic and restored and revived digitally. Brand new old pictures are like vintage wine that mature and bring back memories alive and kicking as though they happened yesterday!

Restoration process has made photo editing companies so special. Now there is no need to part with the pictures. They can just be scanned and uploaded for the restoration work. The job of an editor doing a photo restoration service involves delicate work like cleaning the patches, blurs, yellowness, wrinkles and maybe stitching. The editor will try to interpret the way the process will be involved to solve the problem. The digital file is always the best way to send rather than risk the original piece. A picture that is yellowing can be made into a crisp B & W with the charm restored. The damage is usually very stark but at times the client may need some addition to the picture.  Ideally, an estimate is the first step that one needs-of time and money that the firm will charge for the post production. This will determine whether the client is willing to invest in the same.

Photoshop offers several tools to restore old photos and improve them. Some of the tools are crop tools, image adjustment tools, hue/saturation tool to remove color cast, clone tool and image transform tool. The process of digital photo restoration always begins with assessing the damages and making necessary corrective measures for the photo.