Friday, May 30, 2014

Resize the Portrait for the Final Cut

The classic example for the need to resize the portrait is that today most of the websites having an option of uploading one’s profile picture have predefined dimensions. In such situation, if the portrait being uploaded is not within the desired range, it looks distorted. Thus one is left with no other option but to resize the portrait. Resizing one item is not an issue. But the problem is when there are bulk images with varied dimensions which have to be resized within limited time period. It could be most mind-numbing activity if one starts resizing each of them individually. Certainly there are tools and scripts available which make this task easier. But for that one needs to be aware of how to put them to use. While resizing the portrait, the editor has to keep in mind that the image does not lose out on its quality by getting too shrunk or cropped unnecessarily. And if the job involves regular resizing, it is best to hire an expert team for faster and quality output.

Portrait retouching when intelligently combined with skin smoothing makes the portrait look beautiful and take care of the minor details of the face which otherwise would not be as appealing as it should be. Red eye removal is inevitable if one wants to have a perfect picture. The complicated techniques of color balancing and background changing enhance the overall quality and content conveyed through the portrait. Now the final part is to make such an enhanced portrait fit into the desired space and display it to serve the purpose. Because doing the above activities will be a sheer waste of time if it fails to fit within desired dimension. Hence, it becomes essential to pay attention to resize the portrait and make the optimum utilization of it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Attain Gorgeous Pictures with Professional Photo Editing

The most exciting part of photography is after the picture is shot. Well, that is right after its shot! That’s how we get the gorgeous pictures with professional photo editing concepts.

You can never imagine the kind of work that goes into beautifying an image much after it has been shot. Professional photo editing has become a favorite trend of photos. Under photo editing, there are various types of enhancements done to make pictures attractive. There are two major kinds of editing which are done in the case of picture touch ups – basic and advanced. As the names suggest basic editing consists of essentials used to rectify images, while advanced is more complex with stylistic nuances. Gorgeous pictures often have a blend of both the fundamental corrections and the complicated ones, depending on requirement of client or the photo flaws.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Skilled Photo Clipping Service Removes Background Disturbances

While the actual process is technical the outcome of photo clipping service is refined and artistic. When background disturbances are removed the visual appeal is enriched. 

The importance of photo clipping service cannot be denied. It is the main reason why photo-editing companies are in business all year round. A skill has made digital photography useful in many industries.  This service is now extended into many sub divisions. Depending on the imperfections the image has, the service can be used along with its subsidiaries.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why is Resizing Important for Speedy Image Optimization for Web Use?

Visuals on the websites are an integral part of its interface. As they are important they need to be optimized so that downloading is easier and website is seen for a longer time. Photo editors do resizing for quick downloads.

In the touch and go world of Internet, people traverse through websites speedily. It’s almost like surfing TV channels– maybe even quicker. Hence, loading speeds of pictures and buffering speeds of videos are crucial for sustaining interest and engaging the viewer. This is why designs must use appropriate sizes and formats of visuals, text and graphics for web page layouts. The layout should not be cluttered by too much content, but should balance the page. Depending on the style and treatment of utilization images bring a lot of panache to the layout. Crowding the web page with an avalanche of images will kill its beauty and take an eternity to load. But some websites may require more visual content. So how can one handle the provision of speedy surfing/browsing ability for users? Again, to be considered user-friendly means resizing is important for swift image optimization for web use. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Interested to Create Drop Shadow with a Curve?

Who would not be interested in learning a new trick or two in trade? This is the best way to handle competition. A drop shadow is a cool effect… wishes to get on the learning curve?

Until now drop shadow was all about angles from the left, right, center or top angle. It has been used for product shots, people and also to create a new dimension for existing pictures. It has an aura to it and it is undeniable. The latest in the series to create drop shadow is to make a curve. It is yet another way to bring alive a fascinating aspect of the image. The curve ‘uplifts’ the image and yet makes it look real. Now this is used for web pages or even in print campaigns. With Photoshop CSS it is possible to make the curve. The whole idea is to allow the shadow to be just an effect and now overpower the real imagery. It is small and responsive and wee bit light in nature to look at-as this is the first impression it makes. It can be a side shadow that makes the rectangle shape neater.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Balance the Visual Load with Image Optimization for Web

There is a rule of thumb for everything, including simple things like uploading images on websites. But it needs to be balanced for better optimization. An image editor knows the properties and values to do it.

Faster the browsing experience better is the result for the viewer. Images may be the static content of the website. While updating the site each time, pay attention to the images. Do they take long to upload? Then it is time for image optimization for web. There is no need to cut corners except ensure that the download size and file format is ideal for the website. Even cropping out spaces around the graphics is helpful. Pad up the graphic instead and it still looks good. Let’s make a check of the important motivators of image optimization for web.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A very quick and smooth way to make background white

A customer needs a dash of white background on the catalog of products he intends to send to the distributor. For printing purpose the editor will need RGB 255.255. 255.  How will the editor make background white for some many pictures?

Take a deep breath. It is not a very difficult job to do. Backgrounds tend to be very important in the wake of products that need to be off set against them. Solid canvases always score and the issue is taken care during the photography session itself. Often when white background is used the results appear greyish. Why you may ask? There are several reasons for it. The lighting may not be perfect for the shots. White balance may not have been done properly. The same shots are now on the editing table so that the editor can make background white.