Saturday, October 2, 2010

Imaging as a process in the Photo World

I bet you will agree with me that camera use have become one of the most fascinating adventures in our era. People are keen in ensuring that they have the best shots of any event they would consider memorable some years to come. But sometimes, the shots may not always be the best due to some flaws or some missing details that were very important. Since I am sure that you, like I do cherish quality, let us walk together through this world of imaging so that we may understand what we should do to avoid being victims.
What is imaging?
Imaging can be said to be the process of scanning or digitizing photographs. This is done through manipulation of images so as to correct or enhance its general appearance. Correcting ensures that all flaws like the red-eye, glares on the eyeglasses or any other are rectified before the picture is printed. Enhancement on the other hand entails adding or subtracting some components of the image. You wouldn’t like an image that exaggerates the wrinkles or pimples on your face or the creases on your coat. You seek the imaging services to collect such.
Some of the things that qualify for photo imaging are things like,
·        Scratches on your image
·        Unsightly blemishes and wrinkles
·        Water or liquid damages
·        Missing or distorted details
·        Color, sharpness and contrast
·        Merging of objects
One thing that I am certain is that, you may be wondering how all these things can be done to what looked like a grave case. As I said, I will walk you through. Below is a list of some imaging techniques that can be used to operate pictures. They include,
· Image manipulation
· Photo Masking
· Clipping path
· Photo enhancement
· Photo retouching
· Image stitching
· Draw shadow
· Cropping, resizing and re-arranging
· Raster to Vector image
Why consider imaging?
· As stated before, photos from the digital camera can be saved into the computer. This makes it possible o reprint them later if needed with their original visual quality, details and fidelity intact as before.
· Another good thing with photo imaging is that the cost of the service is far much less as compared to the wonderful results realized.
· For those who are in business like the photographers, you agree with me that people love looking good and it is only with the use of photo imaging technology that you rest assured that you will constantly satisfy your esteemed customers and even win more.
· While using this technology, it is easy to convert the same photo from sepia to black and white
As I conclude, I believe you have gathered some knowledge on what photo imaging is the benefits of adopting this technology and also why you should consider it. I beseech you to always go for quality photos by choosing photo imaging services.