Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Manual Clipping in Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path is a closed vector path used to cut out an object from its background and replacing it with any background. Now a day’s clipping path service is becoming more and more popular. In all design houses who provide catalog, brochure, magazine, books etc. design service badly needed clipping path. In online shopping website where the products need to be place in different background in that case clipping path also has a great significance.

In magazine covers, brochure, ads we frequently notice several type of photographs like girl with flying hair or a splash of water from a energy drink. Such images are not the real snapshot rather one kind of edited image. To blend an image with other background it is needed to cut out that image perfectly and place it in desired position. And clipping path is the perfect solution for all this purpose.

Clipping Path can be done using different tools in Photoshop like magic wand tool, pen tool and so on. For path selection hand drawn service that is manual clipping path using pen tool is most popular and perfect. Reading this article you will be able to realize the significance of manual clipping path and will be able to compare the hand drawn service using pen tool compared to shortcut path selection service using magic wand tool.

Using magic wand tool it is possible to select a portion of an image and drop out the background. This tool automatically selects a large area of similarity colored pixel and creates a selection area. This is one of the fast and effortless methods for path selection but here quality is not maintained. If you use this tool for path selection this may not be perfect and most of the time it will not be smooth. Here the edge of the image can not be selected perfectly and object that is more complex to path like hair, animal fur etc. magic wand tool does not work fairly.

Where Pen tool is the right choice for path selection in Photoshop. To produce high quality Photoshop clipping path short cut fast way is not recommended like magic wand tool. Clipping path using pen tool is one form of manual clipping path. In manual clipping path each anchor point is selected manually. As you do clipping path manually your work will be more perfect and demanding. The experts just pick the pen tool and carefully keep going drawing the edge of the object and if he makes any mistakes it is not so difficult to solve it. As it depends on human skill it is obvious that the path selection will be perfect. Thus the high quality clipping path service will be achieved.

Magic wand tool can only be used for quick, low resolution, positional cutout of an image. I think magic wand tool is not perfect for professional graphics house. If you want high quality background removing service and a smooth clipped object to use in your application then you can depend only on manual clipping path service.


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