Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photography Manipulation for Eye - Catching Images

The collaboration between graphic design and photography has given birth to the ever revolutionary art called photo manipulation in digital industry.
The digital art form of photo manipulation uses the best creative faculties to merge chosen elements to create eye-catching images. The semblance appears to be so unique that it can impress even the most critical observers of artistic photography. The technology evolves along with the inclusion of varied aspects of designs. It largely depends on the artistic impression of the designer to combine varied aspects of designing. No wonder that the scope and use of the technology is zooming day by day.
But at the same time, one question, which is asked repeatedly, is as follows.
What is actually meant by good job in photography manipulation?
Since photography manipulation is an expanded horizon, it is largely difficult to define a good job. Constant experimentation and the influx of new ideas regularly update the prerequisites of a satisfactory photo manipulation. But on general terms, clarity is the prime requirement of any manipulation assignment. The clumsy combination of varied elements will earn bad character for any photograph. Such imperfections are easily detectable even by the most inexperienced set of eyes. In addition to the primary inlay, there is need for looking into fine details. Such fine nuances like a stand of hair or fine line beside the eyes can bring in a lot of change to the entire photograph. Thus, an experienced graphic artist will employ look into many such fine aspects along with the larger scheme.
How a masterpiece in photography manipulation is created?
The rampant use of photography manipulation does not ensure excellence. Exceptional photos are created through manipulation, which is based on step-by-step approach. Able artists use discreet source of inspiration. Next its turn to conceptualize the entire process of photography manipulation and initiate the process. If the first two processes was the handiwork of creative faculties of the artist brain, the rest is shouldered by efficient use of technology.
Photography manipulation, which is also referred to as ‘photoshopping’ is primarily done with various image editing software. Such software usually performs a whole lot of functions combined into one. Functions like compositing, image retouching, image masking, color balancing, speed lightning effect, image distortion effect, cloning, knocking a photograph from its background etc are collectively used to create the best photography manipulation effects. The technique of adding special effects to an image is one of the predominantly used techniques. So is the technique of creating a 3D impression. It is used to create illustrious images. These images can then be used for varied purpose like in magazines and hoardings. To achieve the optimum results it is vital to use the best techniques suited for the job. And the professional artists best do the job. They are not only conversant in the latest technologies but posses detail knowledge about the implication of each one these technologies. They are required for both large-scale professional projects as well as personalized photo requirements.
Photography manipulation can well qualify into a multifaceted art form only when it is done with proper adherence to the ethics.


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