Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Type of Photo Editing Determines the Visual Appeal

Each photo has a life of its own. It depends on the type of post processing it undergoes to be corrected like the spotlight or a whiff of sepia tone.

Images are highly individualistic. Their needs differ from one another. Thus, the choice for photo editing service should be made depending on the necessities of the flaws in the image. An ideal service provider should have command over various types of photo editing techniques. But, in the first place the determination of the right kind of service is vital. Does the image need restoration, manipulation or skin retouching? Does it require any color correction or resizing also? How will it look if the background is removed?

A photo editor checks all the problem areas and then decides on the edit process required. It could be a combination of one or two type of photo editing. Restoration is an important process if the photo is old or dull. Full colorization, light tinting or selective tinting are all done to spruce it up. Fading colors, a few scratches and spots are erased from valuable sepia toned pictures. Photos are also enhanced in various ways. Advanced techniques need clipping path. But for some other regular enhancements one can use cropping, special effects, background correction and color density.

An important area is controlling the amount of light for every image. The problem of color-cast often arises with digital images. The excess of light can be successfully tackled using the color-cast technique. The image is allowed to retain only a measured quantity of light. This has a positive effect on the overall quality.
But even after entire gamut of services, images can lag in aesthetic quality. Detailed services like skin retouching can do wonders. It uplifts the entire visual aspect. After all who does not want a blemish free portrait-it does not matter if the person is a super model or not. If not in real life, why can’t pictures have smooth skin tones?


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