Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Commercial Photography is done Under Controlled Lighting?

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Have you ever wondered how food looks so delectable in pictures? It is all thanks to the latest trends of food photography. They have made food blogging a saucy affair. And it all has commercial value too. This is a positive conclusive effect of working under controlled lighting. But how is commercial photography done under controlled lighting? It has come a long way.

Now with advanced digital cameras, props and editing software it is a cakewalk for most professionals in the business. Since good lighting always is the concern of every shutter bug, the need to be aware of different angles and spot light usage works to the advantage. Today’s food pictures leave the viewers salivating for more. Creativity includes romantic themes, well coordinated color and textures, wedding look, to make the frames fabulous. With the help of a food stylist, the photographer can do a good job.  Some of the interesting ways to enhance the quality is to add steam for freshness, shooting ice cream without it melting! All these challenges can be met during the photo edit process. In the same manner ice cubes also can be shot brilliantly with focused lighting techniques.
Apart from food photography there are other specializations also. For any kind of commercial photography the controlled lights play a big role. To make an aesthetic presentation, the dark and lighter tones have to be metered with technical specifications before the shoot. Some fine tuning can always be done during the editing. The density level has to be checked before the actual shoot. The technical and the visual appearance is largely affected by the way light sourced are handled. This also proves the key to do jewelry photography in the studio. Like other kinds of commercial photography it can make the precious items more alluring to the consumers.


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