Sunday, December 2, 2012

Latest Software Involved Retouching an Image

Image retouching is an effective form of image manipulation. In this day and age, almost every photograph goes through the process of retouching before being uploaded online.

Use of visuals in the field of marketing and promotion has gone up exceedingly. Hence, the overall quality of a photograph has to be top notch in order to draw in maximum attraction. The entire process of image retouching has proven to be extremely useful in making an old photograph get a brand new look. There is a massive difference in the way a particular photograph looks after edit as compared to how it was at the time of clicking, courtesy some fantastic editing software’s. With image retouching, one can make a photograph look absolutely flawless. With such amazing benefits, this process surely involves high end tools and software’s. In order to retouch an image, numbers of software’s have been developed that are promising in the field of Image Retouching.

Latest Image Retouching Software

Portrait professional

With Portrait Professional, one can successfully minimize the number of defects in a photograph. This way the overall beauty of the photograph could be enhanced to a new level. In case of subject photography, retouching images with the help of this software would enable the editor to get rid of wrinkles and spots that might be evident in the picture. This software also has the ability to provide new lighting effects that would further make the photograph effective. Portrait Professional teams up well with Photoshop and is one of the widely used image retouching tools today.

Photoshop CS5

The entire process of retouching an image requires one to invest long hours. In order to cut down on the number of hours used in this procedure, Photoshop CS5 has introduced a new technique known as the Content Aware Fill. This latest introduction to the world of Image retouching is totally automated. With this amazing tool, all one needs to do is select any particular part of the picture that needs retouching and the tool would take care of the rest all by itself.

Wacom Intuos (Digital Photo Retouching)

Digital photo retouching is one method that has taken the world of photo editing by storm. In order to retouch an image digitally, a computer would ideally have to support tools like Picture Publisher, Photo Paint and Photo Impact apart from Photoshop. The latest sensation in digital photo retouching is Wacom Intuos 9x12. It consists of a 4D mouse and a pen that enable the editor to do almost anything with a particular photograph. Wacom Intuos is regarded very highly when it comes to retouching dirt spots on a photograph. The tool identifies a dirt spot by itself and reads the color information of a spot closer to the one that has to be manipulated. Wacom Intuos 9x12 has the ability to identify even the smallest of dirt spots, which are not visible to naked eyes.
Today, photo editing has turned out to be one of the leading professions. Seldom would one see photographs that have not gone through any editing process. This is a prime reason why the market is flooded with some of the best image retouching tools and software’s. Each of these is extremely effective and has opened a new door for professional photo editors.


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