Monday, January 20, 2014

Interested to Create Drop Shadow with a Curve?

Who would not be interested in learning a new trick or two in trade? This is the best way to handle competition. A drop shadow is a cool effect… wishes to get on the learning curve?

Until now drop shadow was all about angles from the left, right, center or top angle. It has been used for product shots, people and also to create a new dimension for existing pictures. It has an aura to it and it is undeniable. The latest in the series to create drop shadow is to make a curve. It is yet another way to bring alive a fascinating aspect of the image. The curve ‘uplifts’ the image and yet makes it look real. Now this is used for web pages or even in print campaigns. With Photoshop CSS it is possible to make the curve. The whole idea is to allow the shadow to be just an effect and now overpower the real imagery. It is small and responsive and wee bit light in nature to look at-as this is the first impression it makes. It can be a side shadow that makes the rectangle shape neater.

1.     The background should be of the same size of the subject of which the drop shadow curve will be made. If it is a web page then the width is important to create the drop shadow. In case it is the height then the side shadow is used. 

2.     The shape is created as a vector path matching the size of the HTML page. The editor will need to keep space open at the sides for the curves of drop shadow. The rectangle created can be of any color. 

3.     With the help of the drop shadow filter the effect is created. The setting s can be adjusted to match the web page. The opacity value should be about 30%.

4.     To make the curve a new layer is made and the effect is placed on it. Ok the process.

5.     With the control points adjust the curve of the drop shadow. The shape needs to be turned off. The shadow’s width is selected with the marquee tool. Copy this layer and then edit, transform and wrap up.  

6.     Export the curved drop shadow with transparency. An alpha mask is used for it. It is flexible enough for use on backdrop of any web page regardless of the color tones. The shadow can now be applied.

In some cases clipping path is also used for some images. If the image is of a person and the frame needs to have a curved drop shadow then the clipping mask is good. The rectangle is created again with the marquee tool in this case too. The space is filled with the black color for the dark shadow. An interesting tip here would be to add a blur if it makes the effect more dramatic. It enhances the curve effect of the drop shadow. While you are Interested to create drop shadow with a curve it is nice to know that the alignment and opacity is equally important. The final result is definitely breathtaking! Use it for web pages or any kind of images for posters and designs.


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